Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I take a CalTeach/MAST course if I am not a Science, Math or Engineering (STEM) Major?
  • Anyone may take CalTeach/MAST I and the Conceptual Integrated Science Class. All of our other courses require completion of varying levels of collegiate coursework in the topic you will be teaching. You do not technically need to be a STEM major, but a strong background in math/science is required. Non-STEM majors should email for more information.
  • How will taking a CalTeach/MAST course help me become a teacher?
  • The CalTeach/MAST courses, taught by experienced classroom teachers, allow you to explore teaching through internships and coursework. These internship hours satisfy most credential program classroom experience requirements and provide you with an opportunity to develop a relationship with a mentor teacher and perhaps receive letters of recommendation for teaching credential programs/scholarships.
  • I'm not a UC Davis Student. Can I still take a CalTeach/MAST course?
  • Yes, please contact UC Davis Extension for more information.
  • Can I get my CSET or CBEST testing fees paid for by the CalTeach/MAST program if I took CalTeach/MAST courses here at UC Davis?
  • Yes, please see CSET/CBEST page for details.
  • I do not drive/have a car. Can I still take this course?

  • Yes. Almost all of the elementary school internships (CalTeach/MAST I) are in Davis. If possible, we encourage CalTeach/MAST II and III students to intern outside of Davis in order to have a more diverse experience.
  • Can I do more than the prescribed hours during my internship?

  • Yes, but this depends on the needs of the mentor teacher you are working with.

  • I'm not sure that I want to be a teacher. Can I still take your course?

  • YES! One of the benefits of our courses is that they allow you to explore the realities of classroom teaching. We welcome all math and science lovers to come explore; you might just fall in love with teaching.

  • I didn't take CalTeach/MAST II or CalTeach/MAST III. Will you still pay my CSET/CBEST exam fees?

  • No.