Climate Change Curriculum Development

This program, supported by the National Science Foundation, enables CalTeach/MAST students to help develop 6th grade curriculum based upon real climate change data. Datasets that we work with include ocean and atmospheric CO2 time series, ecological impacts, water chemistry changes, and recent oceanographic data collected at Bodega Marine Laboratory (BML). This program is offered as a course every Fall, where new curriculum modules are developed, and then in Spring the curriculum is showcased for local 6th grade students. CalTeach/MAST students can also apply for BML Summer Fellowships to take courses and pursue independent research projects at Bodega Marine Lab.

At Bodega Marine Lab.

General Catalog: Taken as a 198 in Geology (GEL). Contact mast@ucdavis.edufor CRN.
Units: 1
Prerequisite: GEL 16, 116, 50 or similar course that covers basics of climate change
Grading: letter grade
GE credit: none
When Offered: Fall, Spring

Lecturers: TBD