Student Ambassador Profiles

Angie Alvarado-Galvez standing in front of a giant jack-o-lantern

Angie Alvarado-Galvez
My name is Angie Alvarado-Galvez and I am a third-year mathematics major with an intended minor in Education at the University of California, Davis. I am pridefully the President of the CalTeach/MAST Educators Club at UC Davis. CMEC is the first club I joined, and as hard as the pandemic made socializing, CMEC helped me find people on the same career paths as mine; people whose full intention is to support and educate other future educators. CMEC then introduced me to UC Davis’ CalTeach/MAST Program; which I am now a Student Ambassador for. My goal in life is to shape and educate the minds of the future by teaching high school mathematics. My involvement with the CalTeach/MAST Program is a great way to further such interests.

Aedyn Gravely wearing some Pride pins and Pride facepaint

Aedyn Gravely
Hiya! My name is Aedyn Gravely and I’m a third year undergraduate here at UC Davis! I major in pure mathematics and am minoring in education, and my career plan is to become a high school math teacher. I love math (it’s been my #1 from the get-go) and love how people think and express math even more, so teaching people math in different ways to make it understandable and accessible is my goal! Involving myself in the CalTeach/MAST program and getting hands-on experiences in middle and highschool classrooms have further cemented my passion for teaching, and being an ambassador for CalTeach/MAST has given me the chance to share this love to others while highlighting the opportunities the program offers to budding teachers. I also work at two libraries and am a private math tutor, which are all great ways for me to meet new people and get more experience in the educational field :D

Ana Hernandez sitting on a hammock in the quad, holding a waterbottle

Ana Hernandez
Hi! My name is Ana Hernandez and I am a fourth year here at UC Davis. I am double majoring in Mathematics and Spanish and minoring in Education. My career plan is to become a high school mathematics teacher. I love math and I always have and I want to be able to show students that everyone can be a math person! Through the CalTeach/MAST program, I have had the opportunity to get hands-on experience in a high school math class, which was very rewarding and showed me that becoming a teacher is the right fit for me. I have the pleasure of being a CalTeach/MAST ambassador this year which allows me to share my personal experience of the program and how helpful it can be for students wanting to become future educators. I am also the president of CMEC here on campus, which is a great way to meet people who want to become teachers and to learn more about how to become an educator.

Hannah Kim

Hannah Kim
My name is Hannah Kim and I am a second year Biochemistry major at UC Davis planning on pursuing a career in dentistry, medicine, or research. I am really looking forward to being a part of the CalTeach/MAST Program because I would like to mentor and guide students through STEM courses while making studying enjoyable. I always think back to all of the great mentors that I have had so far throughout my educational career, and I would like to offer the same support to younger students with similar interests and aspirations.

Gia Quyen Long standing behind the bricks at the entrance to the UC Davis campus

Gia Quyen Long
Hello everyone! My name is Gia Quyen Long and I am a fourth year undergraduate at UC Davis. I am majoring in Mathematics and double minoring in Education and Communication. My career goal is to become a high school mathematics teacher. I am excited about the prospect of showing students that anyone can embrace the world of mathematics. Through the CalTeach/MAST program, I have gained valuable hands-on experience in a high school math class, reinforcing my decision to pursue a teaching career. This academic year, I am honored to take on the role of a CalTeach/MAST Ambassador. This position allows me to share my personal journey with the program and highlight the opportunities it offers for aspiring educators. Being part of this community has broadened my perspective on the impact of STEM education, which promotes creativity and encourages critical thinking. Additionally, I also serve as a Peer Advisor at the TRiO Scholars Program (SSS) on campus, providing support to students in various facets of their academic, social, and personal lives. I am eager to contribute to shaping the future of education by empowering students with mathematical skills and addressing educational disparities.

Cooper Owyang holding up an apple

Cooper Owyang

Hi, I’m Cooper. I am a third year Mathematics Major here at UC Davis. My future plan is to become a mathematics teacher for middle schoolers. To me, teaching is a way for me to express my friendship with mathematics in a manner that fits me. I was first introduced to the CalTeach/MAST program when a friend of mine recommended GEL 198 Math is FUNdamental with Al Mendel. Since then, I’ve taken more courses offered by CalTeach/MAST and have come to really appreciate what the program aims to achieve.  I also currently work as a Food Recovery Manager at the ASUCD Pantry to save and reserve excess food across the UC Davis community. Food waste and food insecurity are two things I want to help fight.

Megan Sechler giving two thumbs up!

Megan Sechler
Hello hello! My name is Megan Sechler and I am a third year at UC Davis! I am majoring in Biological Sciences and plan on getting my credential and masters (through UCD!) so I can teach biology at the high school level in the future. Being an ambassador for CalTeach/MAST has been an excellent opportunity to meet so many other like minded people. On top of this, I am able to spread the word about the classes the program offers and inspire others to join the education track. I was introduced to CalTeach/MAST when I took GEL/EDU 183 with Susann Pinter. She helped me learn more about the world of teaching and now I am proud to call myself an ambassador for the program! I am also a part of the University Honors Program which allows me to work on career development but also find ways to continue my love of volunteering for the community.