Students in a chemistry classroom.

Learning Assistant Program

In addition to a one hour a week seminar focusing on specific teaching strategies, students will work alongside the class Teaching Assistant (TA) in introductory Biology, Calculus, Chemistry or Physics courses, helping to facilitate group discussions. A great course for those hoping to teach at the high school or college level and those wanting undergraduate experience in teaching.

General Catalog: Taken as a 186 in Geology (GEL). Contact for CRN.
Units: 1 plus one additional unit through collaborative department
Prerequisite: Consent of the instructor required.
Grading: letter grade
GE credit: none
When Offered: Fall, Winter, Spring

Lecturer: Mary-Betty Stevenson
Class size: 1 section of about 30 students
Lecture/Discussion: 1 hour weekly
Internship: Approximately 3 hours per week. Introductory Math/Science courses at UC Davis.