Why go into teaching?
To lead, inspire, and innovate!

Access to quality math and science teachers is essential for all students and has been associated with improving student achievement. The demand for credentialed teachers in these fields is significantly higher than the supply of fully qualified candidates.

Mathematics and science teachers are in high demand due to a severe national shortage of qualified teachers within these fields. In recent years, concerns over the shortage of math and sciences teachers as well as their impact on the current state of math and science education has reached new heights. Reports from national research groups have all directly tied teacher shortages to the quality of math and science education and in turn to the future well-being of the economy and indeed, the survival of our nation (NSTA.org). The Center for the Future of Teaching and Learning estimates that one third of the teaching force is nearing retirement and California will need an additional 100,000 teachers over the next decade!

Teaching is a challenging but highly rewarding career. You will get to experience how students learn and watch them become stronger in their academic interests. As a teacher, you will have the opportunity to educate your students while serving as a guide and mentor. You will know you are making an impact on students’ lives by offering them the guidance they need to maximize their potential and embrace their talents.

As a science teacher, you will have the opportunity to integrate new technology, recent research findings, and popular science events into your classroom. As a math teacher, you will be able to provide your students with multiple rewarding opportunities to continue to engage in mathematics and apply their newly-gained knowledge outside of the classroom.