Additional Scholarships and Fellowships

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Grants for Teachers and Prospective Teachers: Assorted grants and travel awards.

California Mathematics Council: For in-service mathematics teachers or pre-service mathematics teachers enrolled in credential programs.

Knowles Science Teaching Foundation: For individuals who will have completed their bachelor’s degree in June and are planning to become high school science or mathematics teachers.  Students in credential programs are also eligible.

Math for America: For individuals who hold a bachelor’s degree with substantial coursework in mathematics and who are planning to teach mathematics.

ACS-Hach Second Career Teacher Scholarship: For individuals with a bachelor’s degree in a chemistry-related discipline and experience in a chemistry-related profession, who plan to earn their teaching credential.

American Association of Physics Teachers Barbara Lotze Scholarships: For undergraduate students planning to become physics teachers.

Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association Educational Foundation: For aspiring STEM teachers who are undergraduate sophomores or juniors or are in a graduate credential program.