CalTeach/MAST Course Overview
CalTeach/MAST offers four seminar/internship courses that will expose you to teaching methods and practices in real classrooms.

In addition to exploring effective teaching practices and methods, many of our courses include an active internship in a local K-12 or UC Davis classroom. You will be sharing the excitement of math and science learning in interesting, fun, and effective ways while observing how different teaching strategies relate to student learning.

Referred to within the program as MAST I, II, III and Learning Assistant Program, these courses involve two components:

  • a seminar style lecture taught by a math/science education expert, and
  • an internship under the guidance of a mentor teacher in a local K-12 or UC Davis classroom
Student raising hand to ask a question.

MAST I, II and III courses are cross-listed under both Geology and Education, with the exception of the Learning Assistant Program which can only be enrolled in as a “186” in Geology (GEL).

In addition, CalTeach/MAST offers three courses (Math Curriculum Project, Climate Change Curriculum Development, and Conceptual Integrated Science) centered around developing and presenting curriculum in the classroom. The Math Curriculum Project and Climate Change Curriculum Development courses can only be enrolled in as a “198” in Geology (GEL) The Conceptual Integrated Science course can be enrolled in as GEL 185 A and GEL 185 B in Geology.

*MAST courses are listed under the Geology and Education because CalTeach/MAST is a campus program, not an academic department.