Teaching High School Mathematics and Science

Exploration and creation of effective teaching practices based on examination of how high school students learn mathematics and science. Field experience in high school classrooms.

Teresa Hang in the classroom.

General Catalog: Cross-listed under Geology and Education (GEL 183/EDU 183)
Units: 3
Prerequisite: GEL/EDU 81or GEL/EDU 181 and major in mathematics, science, or engineering; or completion of a one-year sequence of science or calculus and consent of the instructor.
Grading: Letter grading
GE credit: SocSci | OL, SS, WE
When Offered: Fall, Winter, Spring

Lecturer: Susann Pinter
Lecture/Discussion: 2 hours weekly
Internship: Approximately 3 hours weekly (minimum 30 total hours). High Schools in Davis, Woodland, Dixon, Vacaville and West Sacramento.