Advisory Board

Harry Cheng, Ph.D.

In addition to directing the UC Davis Integration Engineering Laboratory, Dr. Cheng also helms the C-STEM Center, which is working to transform Math and Science education through the use of innovative computing and robotics technology. An ardent advocate of hands on learning in K-14 classrooms, Harry is passionate about closing the achievement gap by broadening participation of traditionally underrepresented students in Math and Sciences.

Howard Day, Ph.D.
Emeritus, Earth and Planetary Sciences

Dr. Day was Geology (now Earth and Planetary Sciences) Department Chair from 1990-1996 and served as Chair of the Letters and Science Faculty in 2006. Beginning in 1995, he was active in creating opportunities for mathematics and science students to prepare for K-12 teaching credential programs. He was the founding Chair of the Natural Sciences major program from 2001-2014 and founding Director of the CalTeach/Mathematics and Science Teaching program (CalTeach/MAST) from 2005-2014.

Jack Goldberg, Ph.D.
Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior

Dr. Goldberg is a Senior Lecturer Emeritus in Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior

Tessa Hill, Ph.D.
Earth and Planetary Sciences

Dr. Tessa Hill is an Associate Professor in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences and Bodega Marine Laboratory. Current research includes understanding the marine ecological implications of climate change, and the threat of ocean acidification. Tessa hosts CalTeach/MAST seminars to develop climate change curriculum, and mentors CalTeach/MAST summer research students with support from an NSF CAREER award. For more information, see:

Susan Keen, Ph.D.

An author of numerous textbooks on Zoology, Dr. Keen is an evolutionary biologist interested in the role of asexual reproduction in life history. She is staunchly committed to maximizing the value of in-person instruction in her classes, and is pioneering new methods and technological approaches in course curriculum development.

Tim Lewis, Ph.D.

Dr. Lewis is a Professor in the Department of Mathematics at UC Davis, where he has been since 2004. Currently, he is the Vice-Chair for Undergraduate Matters in the Math Department. He is an active researcher in the field of Mathematical Biology and is deeply involved with several projects in Math Education.

Alex Navrotsky, Ph.D.
Mathematics and Physical Sciences

Interim Dean, Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, L&S

Neil E. Schore, Ph.D.

Dr. Schore has been a member of the UC Davis academic community for nearly 40 years. Having quite literally "written the book" on organic chemistry.

Randal Southard, Ph.D.
Soil Science

Dr. Southard is a professor in the UC Davis Department of Land, Air and Water Resources. An expert in soil genesis and classification, Randal's research requires an interdisciplinary approach.

Matt Wallace, Ph.D.
School of Education

Dr. Wallace completed his doctoral work in the UC Davis School of Education in 2011 and currently works in the teacher education program there as the secondary math lecturer and supervisor. Dr. Wallace's research and teaching interests include classroom assessment and formative assessment in particular, reform-based mathematics curricula and pedagogy, and teaching and learning with technology

David Webb, Ph.D.

Dr. Webb  was instrumental in engineering a reform of introductory physics courses that had wide reaching positive impacts on the biology students who took them.

Susan Williams,  Ph.D.
Evolution and Ecology

Dr. Williams is a marine ecologist, professor in the Department of Evolution and Ecology, and resident faculty at UC Davis' Bodega Marine Laboratory (BML). She was the director of a National Science Foundation Graduate-K-12 program that placed graduate students as science role models in Sonoma and Napa middle and high schools, reaching over 600 students in each program year.