Students learning in lab.

Conceptual Integrated Science

General Catalog: Taken as 185A in Geology (GEL) and 185B in Geology (GEL).
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Units: 2

Prerequisite: None. Course intended for non-science majors.

Grading: letter grade

GE credit: 

GE credit 185A: SE, SL
GE credit 185B: SE, SL 

When Offered: 

Conceptual Integrated Science A: Winter
Conceptual Integrated Science B: Spring


Class size: 1 section of about 30 students

Lecture/Discussion: 1 hour weekly

Lab: 3 hours weekly


The course will introduce students to a comprehensive background in the physical sciences and earth/space sciences as outlined in the Next Generation Science Standards. Students will gain an understanding of the core principles of the sciences and how they are connected to each other. Gel 185A emphasizes the Physical Sciences, and Gel 185B on Earth System Science and Environmental Science issues. Students will learn how to articulate the importance of science and technology and investigate activities to introduce scientific principles to K-6 graders. In addition, students will develop a core set of science teaching skills through inquiry activities and guided lab discussions. Students will also become familiar with the eight science practices outlined in the Next Generation Science Standards.